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Assault & Injury Claims

Assault Claims

Victims of Assualt, Police Brutality and other forms of personal crimes are not guaranteed any form of reparation due to uncertainties.

Slip & Trip Accidents

As regards Fall Injuries, in most instances, the owners of property could be held responsible for the safety of others on their property.

Animal Attacks

Victims of animal bites or attacks usually have a claim against the owners of such animals, provided they acted within their rights.

Injury Attorneys

Injury & Accident Claims

A person claiming damages for personal injury as a result of the acts of another has to prove that the personal injury happened as well as the quantum of the damages that was suffered. An injured person should record and keep all evidence of the personal injury to enable him to make a convincing case in court.

A competent personal injury lawyer will be able to give advice as to what an injured party may claim and the process which has to be undertaken to lodge a claim. A victim of a personal injury has to be able to receive compensation for the damage that he suffered, which he will best be able to do with the help and expertise of personal injury attorneys.

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Andries earned his B. Proc degree from the University of Pretoria. An experienced litigation attorney with the expertise needed to assess the scope and potential of personal injury claims which is one of his main areas of focus.

 Personal Injury & The Law

Police Brutality

Besides the prospects of civil litigation in respect of personal injury laws, the Prevention and Combating of Torture of Persons Act No. 13 of 2013 Section 4(1) states that: “Any person who commits torture; attempts to commit torture; or incites, instigates, commands or procures any person to commit torture, is guilty of the offence of torture and is on conviction liable to imprisonment, including imprisonment for life”.

Furthermore the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, section 12(1) states that everyone has the right to security, free from all forms of violence, free from being tortured in any way and not to be treated in a cruel, inhumane, or degrading way.

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Injury Law

Personal Injury

Where a person’s physical body has been violated, he has a claim for medical expenses and loss of income as well as monetary compensation for his pain and suffering. Personal injury could include any of suffering pain, emotional shock, psychological illness, psychiatric injury or physical suffering due to the fault of another.

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Slip & Fall

A slip and trip can give rise to a personal injury claim against the owner of the premises if said, is required by law, but fails to keep the property free from possible hazards or refrains from warning people of potential danger which might occur. These hazards include slippery surfaces, areas which are not lighted properly, failure to put up railings or barriers and failure to draw attention to dangerous areas. 

Dog Bites

Injuries from animals are a frequent occurrence in South Africa as ferocious dogs are often kept for security reasons. The injured person has a remedy in such a situation against the owner of the animal. The claimant does not have to prove that the owner was negligent or that the animal was under the control of its owner, the owner is liable solely based on the fact of ownership.

Legal Fees

No Win No Fee

A client and his personal injury attorney can agree on a contingency fee for services rendered by the attorney. This basically entails a no-win, no-fee situation.

Where a client has a monetary claim, the attorney’s fee may not exceed 25% of the total amount awarded to the client. Costs awarded to the client are not included in these calculations.


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