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You need someone to help you stay calm while also protecting your rights and those of your children. Many divorce lawyers, whether or not they are also trained mediators, can help with negotiation between spouses and work out the big issues of child custody, support, and property division. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to keep a divorce amicable in which case a process of constructive litigation should be followed.

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Theuns Hurter

Tel: 083-539 3481


Theuns obtained his BProc degree from the University of Pretoria and was admitted as an Attorney and Notary in 1993. Backed by extensive knowledge and a lifetime of experience, Theuns is a problem solver and enjoys dealing with complex matters.

Bradley Aliphon

Tel: 031-020 0326


Divorce & Family Law, being one of Bradley’s primary areas of practice since the outset, draws from his extensive negotiation and litigation skills acquired over three decades in practice. Expertise which is pivotal to ensuring the best outcome for clients going through a divorce.

JP van Niekerk

Tel: 021-976 3194

Cape Town

JP van Niekerk obtained his BA (hons) LLB LLM from Stellenbosch University in 1987 and an LLM from Unisa in 1993. He is a Director at Smit Kruger, has been admitted as an advocate and has right appearance in the High Court.

Settlement Agreement

The Divorce Settlement Agreement

For most divorcing couples, the single best thing they can do — for the sake of their children, their future relationship, and their wallets — is to keep the process as civil as possible. Failure to settle on aspects such as child custody and maintenance makes for huge legal bills, bitterness, and anguished children. So, when approaching a divorce attorney, be clear about negotiating a settlement rather than fighting it out in court.

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Divorce Consultation


Don’t be surprised if your divorce attorney starts by asking about the possibility of reconciliation. This is usually necessary to establish whether a divorcing couple has any chance of reconciling.

Divorce Settlement

Before any divorce proceedings are instituted, the divorce attorney establishes the likelihood of a settlement between the divorcing parties, in which case constructive negotiations are initiated.

Divorce Procedures

Based on the analysis of the available information, the divorce attorney will recommend certain options, available to the couple in the circumstances, to achieve the best outcome.

How To Divorce

Divorce Process

How to get a divorce in South Africa is no longer a major concern for couples seeking to get divorced. Modern Divorce Law doesn’t pose much of a challenge in terms of getting a divorce nowadays and Divorce Lawyers can almost without exception guarantee that a Divorce Decree will be obtained. For an unopposed divorce, the five steps of the divorce procedure is relatively straight forward.

Step 1

The Summons is issued by the Court

Step 2

The Summons is then served by the Sheriff of the Court

Step 3

An Application for a Hearing Date is lodged at the Court

Step 4

The spouse filing for divorce attends the Divorce Hearing at Court

Step 5

The Decree of Divorce is issued

Divorce Yourself

DIY Divorces

Although self-do divorces are undesirable for most part, it can be achieved, provided that it meets the criteria for a simple, undefended divorce and without any complex issues. Visit your nearest court for free guidance in this regard.