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Labour Law

The proceedings relating to labour disputes have to adhere to certain requirements.

Property Transfers

The Transfer Process ensures the protection of the parties in a property sale.

Divorce & Family Law

Anyone contemplating a divorce should consider obtaining professional guidance.

Estate Administration

Estate Administration affairs are handled in compliance with a strict code of conduct.

Marriage Contracts

Take heed that planning the marriage is more important than planning the wedding.

Eviction Law

Evictions are technically challenging and demand considerable expertise to execute.

Direct Access

Gateway To Legal Expertise

Finding the right legal mind for a particular area of practice can be a rather daunting and sometimes even risky business.

Grayston Legal has been the preferred gateway of large organisations and individuals alike for over a decade, providing easy access to specialist legal counsel in all the major centres around South Africa.

Easy Access

Legal Matters Assessed By Specialists

Specialist Attorneys listed on Grayston Legal are easily accessible through online case assessments and most are geared for remote consultation if required, providing quick and efficient solutions to legal issues. To have your matter assessed before paying for a consultation saves valuable time and money.


Expertise gained through focusing on a particular area of law

Labour Disputes

Divorce & Custody

Medical Malpractice

Deceased Estates


Personal Injury



Marriage Contracts &

Notarial Deeds

Ethics For Lawyers

Principles On Conduct

“Lawyers throughout the world are specialised professionals who place the interests of their clients above their own, and strive to obtain respect for the Rule of Law. They have to combine a continuous update on legal developments with service to their clients, respect for the courts, and the legitimate aspiration to maintain a reasonable standard of living.”