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Bradley Aliphon & Associates is a private practice specialising in civil litigation matters.

Bradley has obtained a B Proc degree. He is familiar with the PIE Act and the requirements of our local courts and attended many specialisation courses and conferences including the 'Evictions & Rental Collections' seminar to stay abreast in his field of practice.

Client care is a high priority in Bradley's firm. The office is equipped with the latest technology for clients to communicate and receive prompt feedback on their matters.

Eviction Tips for Durban Landlords

1. Follow the correct procedures in accordance with the Prevention of Illegal Evictions from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 (PIE Act).

2. The best way to avoid eviction is proper selection of a tenant while the first line of defence in the unfortunate event of an eviction, is undoubtedly an adequate rental agreement.

3. Delays resulting from delayed action or incorrect legal procedures could lead to additional legal costs, loss of rental income and increased risk of damage to the property.

4. Attempts to ‘self-evict’ a tenant by force, intimidation or spoliation could have costly consequences for the landlord.

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Property Rental & Eviction | The Landlord's Guide

Just Released! The book covers important legal aspects of rental property management and the eviction process, written in layman's language for the South African rental property industry. Loaded with tools and smart tips from legal experts, including handy DIY templates.


"Our expert eviction attorney's advice can shorten the time span of an eviction by several weeks or possibly even months. A landlord is entitled to evict a non-paying or undesirable tenant and to obtain judgement to recover losses, damages and legal costs..."

“...the first line of defence in the unfortunate event of an eviction, is undoubtedly an adequate rental agreement.”

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